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Henoch-Schonlein purpura
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   Henoch-Schonlein purpura (allergic purpura) is a common hemorrhagic vascular diseases of allergy. The body as a result of the occurrence of certain allergens allergic reaction, causing a wide range of small vessel vasculitis of small arteries and capillary permeability, increased brittleness, with exudative hemorrhage, edema. The main clinical manifestations of skin purpura, mucosal bleeding can also be accompanied by skin rash, joint pain, abdominal pain and renal damage. The disease to children and young people often men than women, incidence of most of spring and autumn.

    The direct cause of the disease is often difficult to determine, the relevant factors are:
    1)Infection. bacterial(?2-hemolytic streptococcus in the upper respiratory tract infection caused by the most, in addition there are Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Mycobacterium tuberculosis), viruses (rubella, chicken pox, measles, influenza), and intestinal parasitic insects.
    2) food. fish, shrimp, crab, eggs, milk and other food protein heterosexual.
    3) antibiotic drugs (blue, chain, red, chloramphenicol), sulfonamides, isoniazid, antipyretic analgesic drugs (salicylic acid type, phenylbutazone, quinine, etc.).
    4) in other areas such as cold, pollen, grave-sweepers, such as vaccination. The above-mentioned factors antigen - antibody complex reaction, this complex deposition in vessel walls or glomerular basement membrane, and complement activation, the release of Su-such as allergies, damage to capillaries and small arteries, capillaries cause widespread inflammation, even necrotizing arteritis, the permeability of the blood vessel wall and increased brittleness, leading to subcutaneous tissue, mucous membrane and internal organs bleeding, edema. The gastrointestinal tract and joints, such as a similar change. Kidney disease and more light for the focal nephritis, severe cases can be focal glomerular necrosis or total renal involvement. Some scholars believe that this is also an immediate allergic disease, a large number of IgE. Adsorbed on the mast cells, which release bioactive substances damage caused by the above.

  symptoms Performance:
    Clinical manifestations of this disease as follows: 1-3 weeks before onset often upper respiratory tract infection. The first disease to the most common skin purpura, a small number of cases in the relevant section before purpura pain, abdominal pain, low back pain or hematuria, melena, etc. Usually based on the emergence of lesions involving parts of the clinical manifestations are divided into the following types.
    1) Purpura type. The most common type purpura to dermal capillaries and small arteries is characterized by aseptic inflammation, blood vessel wall may have focal necrosis and platelet thrombosis. Most recurrent skin blood spots, petechiae as the main performance, the most in the lower extremities and buttocks, symmetrical distribution, occur in batches, ranging from the size of blood spots, was purple-red, can be integrated into a chip or slightly higher than the surface of the skin. Showed hemorrhagic papules or small shape, such as measles, can be accompanied by a slight itching. In severe cases, can be integrated a hemorrhagic bullae,the Center showed hemorrhagic necrosis. Blood spots, petechiae may be waning in a few days can also be repeated, a small number of cases may face with eyes, lips, hands, feet and other limitations of angioedema.
    2) abdominal (Henoeh purpura). Mainly for abdominal pain, is located around the navel or lower abdomen, colic often shows paroxysmal or persistent dull pain can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hematochezia. As a result of infiltration of the intestinal wall serous bloody discharge, caused by submucosal edema, hemorrhage, caused by intestinal peristalsis can be caused by irregular intussusception. If the symptoms of this type occurred in the skin before purpura misdiagnosed as acute abdomen.
    3) joint type (Schonlein purpura) in joint swelling, pain mainly found in the knee, ankle and other large joints, articular cavity can be fluid, but not suppurative. Recurrent pain, were migratory, may be accompanied by red, swollen and activities obstacles, generally subside in a few months, leaving after fluid absorption deformity. If it occurred in the prior purpura misdiagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis.
    4) Nephropathogenic---also known as purpura Henoch-Schonlein nephritis, was particularly prevalent in adolescents, often purpura occurred after 1 week, sometimes until 7-8 weeks. Manifested as proteinuria, hematuria, urinary tube, sometimes accompanied by swelling, usually in a few weeks to resume, there are recurrent, persistent for several months were. Even a small number of lesions involving the entire kidney and the development of chronic nephritis, or nephrotic syndrome, uremia individual occurrence.
    5) mixed-type and rare type of the type of clinical manifestations at the same time, if the existence of two kinds of the above is referred to as mixed. Which at the same time abdominal and joint-type symptoms as Henoch-Schonlein purpura. Other factors, such as lesions involving the central nervous system, respiratory symptoms, such as may be appropriate, a few may have optic atrophy, iris or conjunctival inflammation, retinal hemorrhage.

   The diagnosis is mainly based on skin purpura, some patients with positive capillary fragility test. Bleeding time, clotting time, platelet count, clot retraction test and bone marrow examination were normal. If the merger increased the total number of infected leukocytes; co-infection when the parasite can be increased eosinophils; involving the kidney may have hematuria, proteinuria, or urine tube; involved when intestinal fecal occult blood until the blood will be positive.

   This disease in Chinese medicine as 'Ban (plaques)', 'Zhen (rash)', 'n?? Xie (è??è?€)' areas. More a result of the general 'Yinxu Yangkang,Xuere Wangxing'é?′è??é?3?o¢,è?€??-?|?è??, but there are cold and so on. The performance of those who have 'Re'(hot), the use of heat-clearing and detoxifying, 'Liangxue Yangyin', stop bleeding, such as law 'Xiao Yu'(The elimination of ecchymosis);'Xu Zheng'è??èˉ? performance, the use of 'BuQi Yangxue'è?¥?°”?…?è?€, 'Jianpi Ningxin'??¥è????????, nourish liver and kidney, such as law, a combination of wind-heat, heat, etc. disease should be plus 'Shufeng' and 'Qingre'?–?é£???…??- of drugs.

   [The GuFang side effects] pure Chinese medicine treatment of 6986 cases of this disease, cured (purpura all faded, with all the symptoms disappear) 6981 cases were cured, 5 cases (most purpura subsided with the disappearance of the symptoms or apparent ease), an average of 3 effect -15 days.


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